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Erich sieht is a multi-author blog on security, safety, risk and related topics with a noticeable bias towards computer security. The name is an anagram of the German word Sicherheit, which can mean an awful lot of things: security, safety, certainty, or immunity for instance.

We welcome international readers. The primary language of this blog is German, which is the native tongue of its current authors. But sometimes a thought manifests itself in another language, a post targets a more international audience, or we simply point to something elsewhere without commenting much. The English category is there for such posts. It will help you to identify the subset of this blog that you can read if you don’t speak German. You can also subscribe to the feed for this category using this URL: https://sventuerpe.com/category/english/feed/ (link). Comments are welcome in any language that we might be able to decipher. (And yes, we can detect comment spam even if it is written in Russian, so don’t bother trying.)

If you speak German as a foreign language but feel you need a dictionary, try one of these: