Can We Say »Don’t Worry«?

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Freeman Dyson, being interviewed about his climate catastrophe skepticism, claims that some professions have trouble shrugging off issues as unimportant. He thinks there be a natural tendency to magnify threats:

»Really, just psychologically, it would be very difficult for them to come out and say, “Don’t worry, there isn’t a problem.” It’s sort of natural, since their whole life depends on it being a problem. I don’t say that they’re dishonest. But I think it’s just a normal human reaction. It’s true of the military also. They always magnify the threat. Not because they are dishonest; they really believe that there is a threat and it is their job to take care of it.«

(Freeman Dyson Takes On The Climate Establishment)

Obviously, computer security is another candidate. Paranoia is the norm in our subculture, we love to carry a better safe than sorry attitude. To an extent this attitude is justified by experience; there are many case studies of security not being taken seriously, leading to epic fail. Yet, more security technology is not always better. Do we have tools to reasonably say: »Don’t worry,« and justify our recommendation based on facts?