So richtig etwas anfangen kann ich damit noch nicht, aber wer’s [mir erklären] mag:

»Hacking the City ist ein experimentelles Ausstellungsprojekt des Museum Folkwang, dessen künstlerische Aktionen und Präsentationen im öffentlichen Raum der Stadt Essen und im Internet stattfinden.«

Als Update noch einmal Kunst:

»Trust is a major factor in all human relations and it is the basis of communication. We trust the validity of rules, codes and conventions, and we have confidence in others. The same goes for media and technical systems as we entrust them with our wishes and longings. One may hold a nagging doubt and suspicion about them, yet we feel an urge to keep faith with the apparatuses and their simulacra when we consign them to tell us a good story, to convey the truth, and to make
our lives better, healthy, and wholesome.

The group exhibition TRUST explores the aesthetics of this confidence by questio
ning its status, attempting to challenge the audience’s convictions and by encouraging a reflected dialogue with machines and media. 
The works in the show point to the desires as well as the ethical and emotional dilemmas that arise from this attitude of trust.«