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TAIC-PART Snippets

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Besides taking place in a marvelous location, the TAIC-PART conference was also an inspiring and stimulating event. Here are a few snippets that I took away from it apart from the proceedings:

  • Les Hatton’s keynote, at the beginning of the conference, contained a few interesting figures. His slides are available on the Web. Slide #5 looks into the size of contemporary language specifications, and slide #10 tells a day in the life of a mail server in terms of the numbers of messages received in various categories.
  • Paul Gerrard presented a paper on Test Axioms as Thinking Tools, which is also being discussed in his blog.
  • Entirely new to me was the idea of test case prioritization, which Gregory Kapfhammer seems to work on. Might be useful in security testing as well.
  • For those who need samples for research, there are datasets and repositories: